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October 7th, 2018

Things could not be more skewed. We start up this crazy adventure by announcing two new friends of Skewed from Day 1.

Doberman – We are really excited to announce that Marcus Engman of Skewed will join up with the swedish american design agency Doberman as Global Executive Creative Director to together spearhead their iniative ”Frontiers”. At its best, Design is the fabric that connect the dots between innovation, product, technology, brand and marketing. The companies that truly can unleash that power will lead and that’s what Marcus will bring to corporations together with Doberman, says Lisa Lindström, CEO Doberman.

IKEA of Sweden – We are so happy to announce that we have got the task to work with Creative Direction of present collaborations such as Adidas, Little Sun, Saint Heron, Design Indaba and to explore possible future external collaborations for IKEA.


SKEWED Conversations

A new fanzine exploring stories about offroad creativity

“To be creative is to be curious. Conversations are the starting point for all good design. We search in remarkable places for curious and creative people and invite them to tell their stories, in order to find them we travelled far and beyond the main roads of design”

Skewed Conversations is a fanzine in the sense it’s made by entusiasts for entusiasts, without any ads, and with the quality of an art magazine. Divided into two parts, one section is dedicated to stories where the reader will get to know the remarkable people we met, the other section is reserved for images and art.

Skewed is a bi-yearly fanzine on offroad creativity from all around the world.

SKEWED Conversations Issue #1 Dakar




We have all seen a good design die in vain and really bad ones get more attention than they deserved. If you really want to make a change - we all do, don’t we? - marketing does not work any more and design or design thinking is not enough on it’s own.

What’s needed is to develop design and communication as one and the only way to do that is to start out right - with a big idea, working together, across disciplines, beyond personal gains or spreadsheet thinking.

That’s why we formed Skewed, a creative collective, exploring and exploiting the possibillities of design driven by curiosity paired up with fearless, open and collaborative communication - we share what we do and we do what we share.

What we do

SKEWED Productions

We are not an agency nor a network but a collective of thinkers, believers but most of all doers, that can make anything happen. May it be advanced range strategies or product design or the design of the perfect launch.

Our only demand is that your ambition is to change things in the world to the better and that you want to explore the skewed way of working with design and communication developed together.

SKEWED Conversations

(Coming soon) – Our very own magazine about what really is important, right now. Curated by real creatives from the most exciting parts of the world (and we don't mean Milan, Paris or New York).


Spacial and interior design of exhibitions, events and retail as well as cultural spaces. We are experts on what makes the Home a Home, no matter where.


(Coming soon) – A no nonsense product brand designed in close collaboration with some of the most exciting creatives of today and tomorrow.

About the Founder of SKEWED

Marcus Engman was born and raised in Sweden, and he started working part-time at the IKEA store during weekends and summer breaks in high school. He has held roles like Communications & Interior Design Manager in several IKEA stores in Sweden, Global Range Strategist and Marketing Manager (Retail) for IKEA Sweden.

Marcus worked at IKEA for 12 years before founding his own retail agency Kollo in 2000 who worked with clients such as Vodafone, Orange, ICA Ahold, SAS, Apoteket, Systembolaget and of course IKEA. In 2012, Marcus returned to IKEA as Head of Design where he spearheaded the change for a more collaborative and transparent way of working with design.

Marcus and his team has won numerous design awards all over the world and in 2018 he was voted to be one of the top 50 Creative Leaders of the world.

He is part of the jury for Beazley Design Award, Dezeen Design Award, Innovation by Design Award and Young Swedish Design Awards. He thinks great ideas belongs to the people and is a firm believer in Democratic Design!

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In this small trailer you can enjoy some of what has happened during the last 6 years at IKEA. Marcus Engman of Skewed has led the design of 2000 news every year.

We have seen more than 50 collaborations driven by curiosity bringing topics such as art, fashion, gaming, sustainability, sports and open source to IKEA. And a closer connection to users and creators through numerous designevents around the world and the introduction of IKEA Democratic Design Days, one of the biggest design events in the world.